Know Your Customer

Instantly search over 32,000 data sources to conduct customer due diligence. The results are delivered in a clear, one-page report that allows you to identify at-risk players before the money is accepted.

  Source of Funds

Justify the income potential of the player by instantly validating the employer data, analyzing the quality of the business and the likelihood of a player being a beneficial owner or in a position to control, manage, or direct the company.

  Identity Verification

Prevent fraud by instantly validating a player’s identifying information and be alerted to potential Red Flag issues.



Save time from making calls and get your players into action faster by exchanging gaming information through NCC’s network of 300+ casinos. A Daily Recap will also notify you of changes in a mutual player status, including return/paid items and bank alerts.


Order credit reports at the lowest pricing possible and enjoy the one stop shop experience with a direct bureau relationship hosted by NCC.


Verify financial data referenced by a player to determine their ability to repay debt, including signer validation and account balance information.

  Smart Applications and Updates

Standardize and automate the player application and update process to ensure the right reports are ordered and player records are processed in a timely manor – all without any training or labor required.