Services and Reports

All of our services and reports can be accessed through NCC Online, a proprietary internet-based system that provides a direct link to NCC and continues to provide the highest level of privacy for your customers. NCC Online is PCI-compliant and offers you flexible and robust capabilities to get the data you need. NCC does not charge user or license fees or enforce volume minimums.

NCC Online demonstrates our long-standing commitment to continue to invest in, develop, and continually refine the most efficient integrated system specifically designed for casino operations. NCC always welcomes your feedback and suggestions to help improve the system to better meet your needs.

We offer the following reports and services available through NCC Online:

ID Verification Instantly validate the patron’s identifying information and be alerted to potential Red Flag issues.
Know Your Customer Save time by instantly searching over 32,000 data sources to conduct customer due diligence – delivered in a clear, one-page report that can be filed with the customer record.
Source of Funds Justify the income potential of the player by instantly validating employer data, analyzing the quality of the business and the likelihood of the player being a beneficial owner or in a position to control, manage, or direct the company.
Online Application Receive only legible, compliant applications that can be processed 24/7 with an NCC-hosted electronic application environment that can capture a wet signature, automatically generate reports, and help promote credit to more players.
Bank Determine the player’s ability to repay the debt and ensure that a marker is issued to the appropriate financial institution with signer validation and account balance information.
Credit Order credit reports at the lowest pricing possible and enjoy the one-stop-shop experience with a direct bureau relationship hosted by NCC.
Player Activity Get the most important pieces of a player’s gaming data using the existing trade-line of 300+ casinos and exchange gaming information with other casinos. Free through 2017.