Next Generation Credit Services
Make informed decisions fast and keep your customers in house

  • Know your customers' financial standing and debt capacity
  • Comprehensive reports allow you to set appropriate credit limits
  • Extend credit with instant automated reports (even when banks are closed)
  • NCC reports are faster and less expensive than a bank VOD
  • Minimize your risk by trusting our combined 85 years of casino credit experience
Privacy is our priority

As a 3rd party service, your customers gaming interests and habits are kept private and your customers can be assured that their private financial data is being transmitted directly to casinos for the sole purpose of establishing check-cashing privileges and/or a line of credit. Additionally, we create a seamless process through which you benefit from our credit and banking relationships without impacting customers' FICO score or notifying credit bureaus.
Focus on your business and reap the rewards

  • Lower rate of return on markers
  • Protect against fraudulent checks
  • NCC reports are less expensive than bank VOD
  • Discounted rates apply on multi-report orders
  • Extend the right credit limit and increase customer retention rates
Global reach and recognition

We serve more than 250 casinos around the world. If you'd like to know more about our service please contact us.

For references you may contact the casino credit department of any of our clients.
Request your free report

You have the right to review the personal information that we have about you. To learn more about your right to access this information visit our Privacy Policy or view the complete Fair Credit Reporting Act documents available at the bottom of this page.

To request a copy of your report, click here.