About NCC

NCC has been serving casinos worldwide for the last 40 years and provides a variety of financial services to support and streamline their operations. NCC's online portal allows for easy and immediate access to a suite of reports – identifying at-risk players for money laundering and investigating their financial background, gaming history, financial status, and much more. That data is crucial for casinos to meet regulatory expectations as well as to make the most educated decisions for whether to accept the player. NCC also offers a hosted online application as the customer-facing entry point to an efficient and customizable workflow for casino credit, front money, and check-cashing applications. NCC's offerings can be used individually to fill gaps in existing processes, or can be combined to make a comprehensive package meeting all of a casino's essential needs.

Diane Hunt, Founder

Diane Hunt helped to redefine an entire industry when she created National Cred-A-Chek, Inc. (NCC) in 1976. Working from her home in Omaha, Nebraska, Diane set out to build a company renowned for its high standard for client service. She worked tirelessly to provide accurate, immediate bank ratings to hotels and casinos, and built strong ties within the industry based on her first-class service and affable professionalism. Over her 33 years of guidance, Diane's start-up grew into the only company in the United States specializing in providing bank ratings to hotel / casinos, riverboats, and similar operations across the country and abroad. Her passion for her work was rewarded as Diane was able to provide her daughter, Christine Hunt Landis, with the experience and commitment to continue the company's unparalleled service to the hotel and casino industry for years to come. Christine's growing role at NCC allowed Diane to travel the globe with her husband Bob and enjoy life in San Diego, before passing away in January, 2010.

Christine Hunt Landis, President

Christine was awarded a degree in Economics and Business from the University of Southern California in 2003, graduating Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. She joined NCC in 2003 as Vice-President under Diane's tutelage. Through her visionary leadership, NCC introduced its online system in 2006. NCC Online was a large step forward in automating and streamlining access to NCC's reporting services. In 2010, Christine was named President of NCC where she continues to apply the knowlege passed down to her, and maintains NCC's traditions of efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Her creative ideas and unflagging efforts continually improve the company and the services they offer. Each day Christine strives to provide outstanding service while looking forward to anticipate how NCC can better support client needs.